Return or renewed items before 25 December 2020 (for academic executives / lecturers / researchers / head of the department)

Dear Academic Executives / Lecturers / Researchers / Head of the Department, This is to inform you that the due date for the librarymaterials (Book, CD, etc.) you currently have checked out from the library is 25 December 2020. If you would like to renew any of these items, please contact the library staff ordo it yourself through the library website The next due date for renewed items will be 31 August 2021. For further information,please contact the library staff on Monday – Friday (Tel.6330, 6331)  285 total views

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Trial e-books : Pandemic e-Books

Gale has curated an eBook collection on Global Pandemics. The 58 titles in the collection are available to trial for four weeks. Explore all titles at Acess code to sign in : health Extentsion to July 15, 2020  386 total views

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COVID-19 infection control and prevention measures in the library

COVID-19 infection control and prevention measures in the library New Library hours: Monday – Friday: 08.00 A.M. – 05.00 P.M. (Closed on weekend/holidays) We have COVID-19 infection control and prevention measures in the library as below. • Limit the number of daily users to 200 according to the amount of seats provided. (Normally, we can accommodate users). • Carry temperature checks on users. Those with body temperature above 37.5°C are prohibited from using the library. • Increase the frequency of cleaning tables, chairs and frequently touched spots. •Accept library fines via QR code payment only. Respectfully, library users are subject to the following requirements: • Enter the library using a gate near “Shong Cafe” only. • Scan the “THAI CHA NA” QR code before entering and leaving the library. • Wear a face mask while in the Library at all time. • Seriously keep physical distance from other individuals. •Frequently wash your hands. Hand sanitizer is provided at the library entrance as well as liquid soap in toilet. Theses rooms are still closed • Group study rooms • Multimedia Rooms • ECO-Corner Room • Quiet Room  297 total views

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กิจกรรม EZY DIY MASK by MFU Library

เมื่อวันที่ 11 มีนาคม 2563 ศูนย์บรรณสารและสื่อการศึกษา มหาวิทยาลัยแม่ฟ้าหลวง ได้จัดกิจกรรม EZY DIY MASK by MFU Library  208 total views,  1 views today

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You are invited to “How to use CNKI for academic study” workshop

Dear all, MFU Library will organize a “How to use CNKI for academic study” workshop. on 24 November 2019 at M-Square, 5th Floor-Training room 2 in order to researching for chinese resources and chinese medical resources by lecturers from Tongfang Knowledge Network Technology Co., Ltd,(Beijing). If you would like to participate to this event, please register here Thank you Best Regards  309 total views

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